Body Drama

To start off my blog I want to write about something that everyone can relate to. Despite what people might believe about gender differences, everyone has something they want from their body whether it is to trim down, tone up, etc. Our culture has created and emphasized myths that create how we view ourselves and I would like to prove them wrong.

A couple things that have been bothering me as of late are these two sayings:

“I feel fat.” and “I need to work off what I just ate.”

  1. You cannot feel fat as a state of being or emotion. You can feel full, which in most cases is what people mean. Just because you eat a lot doesn’t mean that you just gained weight or fat. It means you learned the limit of your stomach. Fat is under the skin, and you are not fat, you may have fat but you are not fat.

Saying those three words, I feel fat, not only makes you feel guilty about what you just ate but may be making people around you uncomfortable. If someone already has a complex about their body you are adding onto their insecurities in addition to the harm you are doing to how you feel about yourself. It is easier to believe the bad things. Words have a huge Impact, therefore say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean. “I am so full, is a better alternative.”

Under Armor Ad of Misty Copeland, ABT Ballerina. As seen in Sports Authority. Photo By: Geena Russo
Under Armor Ad of Misty Copeland, ABT Ballerina. As seen in Sports Authority. Photo By: Geena Russo
  1. Did you know that you need 1200 calories a day just for organ function. Forget walking from A to B or etc. that is just for siting in front of a computer doing nothing. You need fuel to survive, to keep your body running. Unless you consume more calories and overindulge, you don’t need to work off every time you eat. Your body takes in the needed nutrients during the metabolic process, working off the calories for you.

What bothers me more is that people of a healthy lifestyle treat themselves to a dessert of some sort and the follow up that dessert with “well I am going to the gym tomorrow.” And what would happen if you weren’t going to the gym tomorrow? NOTHING! I constantly say, nothing is bad for in moderation, which is true. If you live a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself, there is nothing wrong with a treat. Guilt only causes more harm to how you view your body and how you consume and able to enjoy your food.



  1. Firstly, how cool that you are the photo credit on this amazing image! This blog post really resonated with me. It’s so easy to use language that makes ME feel like the issue. It’s amazing how changing language can have an impact on how you feel about yourself, and also the energy you carry to people around you. “I feel fat” is probably a thought that everyone has said to themselves at some point or another, and it’s really healthy to look at the real meaning behind it. In many countries in the world, being able to say “I am so full” would be a privilege!

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  2. Thank you for your comment! I didn’t realize I didn’t already respond to you. Thank you for mentioning the real meaning behind it. I am glad you understood that and this post resonated with you. You are so right that “I am so full” is a privilege to say.


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