‘Don’t Call Me Cute!’ Love, Grandma

My Cousin just turned 28, this is not old. My friend just turned 23, this is not old. However both hemmed and hawed about getting wrinkles and expressed their complaints about old age.

People generally seem to be consumed by the need to stay young when they are older and in a rush to be older when they are younger.

A few points:

1. Age is just a number!

2. “People are too busy planning their lives, then they are living them.”

3. What’s so wrong with getting older?

What is wrong: Just look at how we treat older generations. In the digital age and the constant unveiling of new technology by apple, we far advance previous generations and then there are those who get frustrated when people in the 50+ age range can’t even work a computer.

Please note that there are plenty of people in the 50+ age range who can work a computer!

Not only do we get frustrated with generational gaps such as technology but we degrade older people when calling them cute. Cute may be a word you use to describe a puppy or a child, an innocent, helpless thing or person. Just because someone is old doesn’t make them cute. Basically calling them cute insinuates that they need taking care of or they are trying to fit into something, like Facebook, that doesn’t belong to their generation. The bottom line is that by calling an older person cute you are widening the gap between the ages, placing them in a category.

Dr. Maura Cullen speaks more about why this is a dumb thing to say in her book, “35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say.” I highly recommend the book to everyone. She expresses, how I have expressed on this blog from the beginning, that no one is perfect and we are all continuous learners. It is okay that you slip up on something, but it is understanding that you did and learning from the experience. We are only human, we are not perfect.



  1. My mom just turned 55 and was so happy to be alive one more year. I love this kind of attitude, as I found myself often saying “Ohhh I guess I’m 30 now,” with a glimmer of despair! I interviewed the sweetest man who just passed away this year at 107. Until the very end, he lived on his own, took a 16 hour bus ride every year to meet students from his Alma Master during Alumni Week and was interested in all the latest gadgets. That’s the way I would like to go out! 🙂

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  2. I completely agree! But I should note, I might have never have called old people “cute” or described them with that sort of feeling but I admit, I did not respect the advances technology has enabled them to make. Recently I made a project for school targeting seniors and as I erroneously believed they were not active on social media, my engagement plan reflected that belief and completely ignored social media as a tool to engage them with.
    This was the biggest critique my assignment got as apparently 55+ are the fastest growing demographic of Social Media users!
    Technology has improved to the point where Seniors have the tools to do everything just as well as younger people.
    Not to mention, most of them live far healthier lifestyles.


  3. Really nice topic! The truth is that not only you can learn things at any age, but that any persona at any age can also teach anyone amazing things. And by this I refer not to old people, but to kids. I get amazed every time my 10, 6 or 5 year old nephews surprise me with new ways of seeing life. I personally find age overrated. I don’t think it means anything different than the fact that the older ones, have had more chances to experience new things (though that doesn’t mean they have). My best friends range from 24 to 69 (the age of mi father!), and I have never felt more or less than any of them EVER!


  4. I like this topic. It makes me think about what I will do and who I will be when I am older. There is an old Chinese saying, keep learning in the whole life. Live is the process of learning. Another old Chinese saying mentions that the old can be the treasure to the family. For myself, I like communicating with my grandma especially when I am depressed or feel confused about my situation. My grandma’s affluent living experience and the wisdom always impress and inspire me. Age can mean something and age can mean nothing. No matter how old we are, we should keep the passion of living!!


  5. Thank you all for your comments, please remember that with age comes wisdom. Even though there may be generational differences, we will never have the value out of life the same way as older generations. It is important to keep this in mind when you hearing people call elderly cute, because that is not appropriate as well as having more patience when trying to teach them something new. Thank you for reading!


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