Don’t deny the immigrants a safe passage. By: Annie Nissen

I have returned to my home securely located in East Hampton, where nice cars are the norm and the waste management is superb. I came from a three month stay in Guatemala, where the people are not granted the liberty of a simple 911 call in the case of emergencies and all garbage beyond the capital city (plastic bottles included) is “managed” by burning it in daily bonfires.

The people who live in this place are not provided the resources to create an alternative. Their tax system is corrupt in which the public money, rather than being invested in improved public infrastructure and a decent police force, is robbed by corrupt public officials. The policemen can be bought. Because of this, gangs and neighborhood watch groups (masked men who walk around the villages at night with rifles in their hands) control the justice system. Of the citizens who attempt to amend this broken system, ALL are “dealt with” by the people with power.

Imagine you were born in a Central American country, as only God may decide from whom we are born. If you were presented the opportunity to move yourself and your family to a country where you could earn more money in an hour with minimum wage ($8) than you could in an 8-12 hour work day in your home country (where the average worker earns $5.33 per day), would you go? What if your child was sick, yet you still had to pay the same price for medicine as is paid in this country where you could earn $64 after working an 8 hour day. Would you go?

The majority of the people who seek safe passage into this country are good people. They come here to be safe, to provide for their family, and to give their children an opportunity which would never be available should they remain in their home country. We are all come from the same race, the human race. Place of birth should not be the reason why a person is denied life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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