Special Announcement!

Introducing heardhub.com!

A passion project, a blog turned website, a simple grad school assignment turned side project; it’s whatever you want to call it as long as you want to read it.

I hope you want to read it because I want to hear from you or anyone you may know. The objective of heardhub.com is to give you the space to be heard, simple as that. Whether it’s about how you got triggered by a movie and you want to review it, got catcalled walking to work and you want to talk about it, or you’re in an interracial relationship. Whatever micro aggression, intersectionality, or identity you want to talk about, we want to hear from you. Email russogeena@gmail.com your article of no more than 1,000 words and we will post it. Any graphics, images, gifs are helpful too. Your article submission comes with free promotion by yours truly on my social media platforms and an opportunity to become a regular contributor.

The official launch of heardhub.com is March 7th, 2017 for National be heard day (it’s a thing and yes I’m capitalizing on it). The official launch will include a logo, new website design, the first biweekly post, and other little surprises. Therefore, in addition to this introduction, this also serves as a save the date!

Write to you in March!




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