Filtered Lens

I’ll be the first to say I’m a privileged white girl.

Everyday I’m able to walk down the street without fear.
Because I have been privileged with ivory skin; because I have every right an American should. Every time I walk down the street

I see the rights that I have being taken away from others. Let me tell you what I see.

I see a man beg for change
But his request is always unmet.
He’s had to pee in the street like a dog with an audience watching And try to sleep on this baked cement with sirens blaring.

I see a woman
trying to get to her date in her favorite little black dress.
But is constantly being cat called by the low life on each block.

I see a couple of kids shrink as they walk by the Police Car.

Because they are black like the tar and the Police sit in their car white as snow
never really needing to know what the word fear means.

I see the same police sit in their car watching a group of black kids scurry by
never really knowing the weight of having to play God; choosing who gets to live or who gets to die.

I see two women
holding hands.
They are trying to save up to start a family. But as they walk a man yells at them “God hates faggots”
“You will burn in hell”.

I see a man
who wears a turban around his head. He’s just as American as the man with the gun strapped to his hip. Yet he is called a terrorist everyday.

But most of all I see pain.

I see a homeless man dying from hunger.

I see a woman subjected to harassment.

I see ten-year olds already hardened by racism.

I see two people hated for who they love.

Turn off the news I can’t hear it anymore. Most things I don’t quite get or understand. Lies, Lies, and more Lies
dripping down the screen.

Turn it off.

Because you see these people are racist
but say its just how they were raised.
This man’s sexist.
This one is homophobic
but you can see the
fairy wings sprouting from his back.
This one is killing your child in the name of Christ.

Lets build a wall
show them all
that we are superior. Hypocites, scandalous, Trump, Hillary flip the switch.
Everybody just stop.

But I’m just a privileged white girl. I’m the lucky one.

I have never been without the bare essentials

because I have supportive and loving parents who always provide even when they don’t have it.

I have never been called a terrorist or
been afraid to walk down street with the one I love or just been afraid to walk down the street.

I have never been threatened to be separated from my family or been kicked out of the country I call home.

So if all I can do is make you listen to my words it will mean something.
Because everybody’s got a social, political issue. Everybody’s got something pushing them down pushing, pushing
making it hard to breathe.

I look around here and I see people.

So next time you go into your Starbucks, order a grande
no, no make it a trenta cup of compassion, tolerance, peace; Don’t forget to tip the person
that served it to you.


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