Book Review GEORGE By: Alex Gino

George book cover


This dedication pages is everything. Without even having started the book I knew I was going to like it.

Another author recommends the book, “This is an important book… but more importantly, it’s a really good book.”

If I were to guess, I would say this is fifth grade reading level. Therefore, I think there is no excuse for everyone to read it. I’m burying the lead a bit… It’s about a fourth grade transgender girl. The author uses she/her pronouns throughout the book for the main character, George, making the reader question gender from page 1.

Why you need to read this book:

  1. This book finally exists! I’m so happy to see the amount of words this book as won and the audience it is geared toward. The language and context is simplified at times, but it makes it more digestible for a younger audience. Though, I find more and more that the younger audience is not the problem. I think the more digestible format comes in handy for adults who claim they have such a hard time understanding being transgender.
  2. Jeff, the bully – I don’t think it would be too crazy a claim to say that we’ve all had a Jeff, that bully in school who always seemed to target kids that were a little different or perhaps you were a Jeff (I hope you were able to turn that around). The point is bullying exists and is the first introduction into the hate crimes of this world. It’s exactly why I created Heard Hub, to have a safe community for those of us who are different and to remind you all to be who you are because that’s pretty spectacular.
  3. Be who you are. This is a powerful theme and love the character, Kelly, George’s best friend who let’s here truly do that by the end of the book. That’s all I will say so I don’t give too much away.
  4. Telling your family – I truly loved the interaction between George and her brother when he asked if she thought she was a girl. His response was just, ‘oh.’ It was perfect and all that needed to happen. The mother on the other hand, I thought needed a more gradual transition from “it’s not cute anymore” to “we’ll take this one step at a time.” Regardless, the ‘I just don’t want you to make life harder for yourself” comment was exactly how my father reacted to my coming out and I think a lot of parent struggle with understand this. SO PARENTS – THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU TOO. ESPECIALLY YOU! PLEASE READ IT!
  5. Alex Gino’s first book. This book was published in 2015 and I’m just finding it. Smh. Therefore, I’m asking you all to make up for this error by reading. I also received it for free at BookCon and I think only right that we pay for it by consuming it’s pages one reader at a time. Sound good? 🙂
  6. Lastly, George was my grandpa’s name and when I came out, he said

“Don’t turn yourself inside out for anyone.”


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