When your 5-year-old challenges you to break beyond the gender binary

Truly inspirational parenting!

A Striving Parent

A few weeks ago, my husband and I lingered at our table after dinner, chatting about the day while our kids played nearby. My husband was telling me a story, of which I honestly cannot remember the details, and said something like “and then this man walked into the room.” My 5-year-old jerked his head up from his pile of legos and said, “how did you know he was a man, Daddy?”

My husband and I locked eyes. Busted.

“Well,” my husband began, “I assumed he was a man based on how he looked.”

“You can’t always tell if a person is a boy or a girl just by looking at them,” our 5-year-old reminded him.

“You’re right, buddy. I have no idea how that person identified. I shouldn’t have assumed,” my husband conceded. He went on to tell me the story omitting the person’s gender, which was irrelevant in…

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