Happy Birthday, Dana!

Happy Birthday, Dana! Dana Bolger is a Senior Editor here at Feministing, a student at Yale Law School, and the co-founder of Know Your IX, a national campaign empowering students to end sexual violence.

She’s testified before the Senate and the House, made Politico’s Power 50, has been published everywhere from the New York Times to Yale Law Journal, her Heads Up! game is undefeatable — and she just turned 27 this week. What a rockstar.

29683428_10155432780056444_6155713363688803578_nDana’s accomplishments are legion, obviously, but they’re not what we appreciate most about her. At the Feministing fam, we can always count on Dana to be principled, empathetic, and thoughtful, especially as we grapple with how to resist reactionary co-option of feminist projects. Today, Juliana told me that she loves how Dana always greets her friends like we’re long lost besties who haven’t reunited in years — even if we emailed her with some annoying task 30 minutes ago. I know we all owe her for those pitch perfect book recommendations. I personally feel very lucky to have Dana in my life asking tough questions about the feminist movement and whipping her really great hair around the dance floor.

Don’t miss Dana’s writing here at Feministing, especially on the language we use to obscure gender violence; school pushout of girls of color;  anniversaries of violence, demanding more from liberals; corporate feminism; and, always, the power of organized women demanding change.

Join me in wishing Dana a very happy birthday!                                                                                                                                                 

Image: Baby Dana B(ee)


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