Islamophobia: An American Perspective

  What it is: (n.) Dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force. (See longer definition here). How it’s Perpetuated: Since Sept. 11, hate crime incidents against Muslims have averaged around 100-150 per year, a drastic increase from the 20-30 per year prior to the attacks. The Institute for Social Policy and... Continue Reading →

Reel Abilities: Do You Believe in Love?

Tova doesn't believe in love, but that hasn’t stopped her from making over 550 matches. The film Do You Believe in Love shadows Israeli matchmaker Tova and her clients, capturing their stories and her no-nonsense approach to dating. But there's a twist in this fairytale: Tova's speciality is matchmaking persons with disabilities.   The documentary exposes the audience to relationships... Continue Reading →

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