How are you really?

We get asked "How are you?" thousands of times in our lives. How many times have you answered the question? I mean *really* answered the question. Not with a "good," or "fine" but with an actual expression of what you were feeling in that moment. How many times have you done that? I generally answered... Continue Reading →

Book Review GEORGE By: Alex Gino

"TO YOU, FOR WHEN YOU FELT DIFFERENT' This dedication pages is everything. Without even having started the book I knew I was going to like it. Another author recommends the book, "This is an important book... but more importantly, it's a really good book." If I were to guess, I would say this is fifth... Continue Reading →

She Waits

Her patience an endearing quality, I don’t know that I deserve. My body eats my thoughts til I become blind to my own worth. She waits; While I bash my body into the mirror that feeds me lies. I fuel myself off the images given to me from the reflection, Studying the contours Of my... Continue Reading →

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