Book Review GEORGE By: Alex Gino

"TO YOU, FOR WHEN YOU FELT DIFFERENT' This dedication pages is everything. Without even having started the book I knew I was going to like it. Another author recommends the book, "This is an important book... but more importantly, it's a really good book." If I were to guess, I would say this is fifth... Continue Reading →


Last year, celebrating pride was a different experience. It was following the Pulse shooting in Orlando and I was hyper sensitive to my surroundings. I didn't want to drink or be in large groups of people. Last year I was interviewed by Mic for an article called, In the Wake of Orlando shooting, NYC's 2016 Pride Will... Continue Reading →

Never Been Loved

I-I love. I love... I don't know how to say this The words try to twist and cram into my mouth yet refuse to come out You see I have never been the girl who has been loved before I have never been the girl Whose hands you've held Whose lips you've kissed whose heart... Continue Reading →

Identity, Attraction, Expression, Oh my!

How awesome is this? I'm a visual learner so add in my bitmoji and what a fun teaching tool! Usually I teach this by a worksheet explaining the different vocabulary between your biology, gender identity, attraction, and gender expression. Starting at top left and going clockwise: Your biology may or may not match your gender identity.... Continue Reading →

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