Reel Abilities: Do You Believe in Love?

Tova doesn't believe in love, but that hasn’t stopped her from making over 550 matches. The film Do You Believe in Love shadows Israeli matchmaker Tova and her clients, capturing their stories and her no-nonsense approach to dating. But there's a twist in this fairytale: Tova's speciality is matchmaking persons with disabilities.   The documentary exposes the audience to relationships... Continue Reading →

How to Ally by Faithlynn Morris

Speak up. Being vocal is one of the most important aspects of allyship. What's especially important is speaking up amongst, and sometimes against, other people in the groups you belong to. If you're a White person and hear or see other White people perpetuating racist or discriminatory ideologies, speak up. If you're a straight or... Continue Reading →

The Social Justice Reading List

Here are just a few books for self-education that will help any person passionate about social justice or not to become more socially conscience. -'35 Dumb Things Well-intended People Say' by: Dr. Mara Cullen This is a really good first social justice read. It is a fast read with a lot of digestible information that... Continue Reading →

Dancing Through Social Justice

Last night I had the pleasure of going to the Fall for Dance Festival at NYC Center. Four dance companies performed and it was exquisite. It got me thinking about communication and how only about 20% of communication is verbal and the rest is non-verbal, however dance is all non-verbal. I have heard it said... Continue Reading →

Curb Cut

Have you ever realized the privilege of walking? Think about it, if you are a able bodied person (have the ability of complete motor function without difficulty), you do not have to worry about waiting for the side walk to slope down in order for you to cross the street. The slope down in a... Continue Reading →

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