Rainbow Stuffed Trendsetters

To post or not to post, to take a stance or not take a stance? We live in a dynamic, ever changing environment that is influenced by many factors, including brands. Our opinions, feelings, and positions shape us; should they shape brands? As a Public Relations professional and outspoken individual, this question is very important to... Continue Reading →

“I’m not afraid of heights, you know.” I remember exactly when you said it. I remember exactly how you made me feel. I remember it painfully, even when I wish I didn’t. I was taking out the garbage on a weeknight, in my pajamas. Those simple, seven words made me immediately regret the trip of... Continue Reading →

*For the sake of protecting identities, and the fact I still live in fear of her presence, her name in my story will be Jesse. A few years back, Jesse and I met online on OKCupid. I had used OKCupid ever since 2010, both as a haven for friends and for dating. We had very... Continue Reading →

White Privilege

I have been craving the words to explain my feelings for recent events; Philando Castile shot in Minnesota, Police Officers shot in Dallas, etc. And yet they still haven't come and they won't come because they aren't my words to share. BUT I will continue to be vocal that All Lives Matter stops the conversation.... Continue Reading →

Islamophobia: An American Perspective

  What it is: (n.) Dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force. (See longer definition here). How it’s Perpetuated: Since Sept. 11, hate crime incidents against Muslims have averaged around 100-150 per year, a drastic increase from the 20-30 per year prior to the attacks. The Institute for Social Policy and... Continue Reading →

‘Men Explain Things to Me’

As the tagline of my blog states, one of things that we are trying to accomplish here is giving resources. Resources will be heavily books (because I read a lot). Occasionally they will be movies because we have a guest blogger (Jimmy) who loves movies. He also just happens to be the one who lent... Continue Reading →

How to Ally by Faithlynn Morris

Speak up. Being vocal is one of the most important aspects of allyship. What's especially important is speaking up amongst, and sometimes against, other people in the groups you belong to. If you're a White person and hear or see other White people perpetuating racist or discriminatory ideologies, speak up. If you're a straight or... Continue Reading →

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