Identity, Attraction, Expression, Oh my!

How awesome is this? I'm a visual learner so add in my bitmoji and what a fun teaching tool! Usually I teach this by a worksheet explaining the different vocabulary between your biology, gender identity, attraction, and gender expression. Starting at top left and going clockwise: Your biology may or may not match your gender identity.... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Stuffed Trendsetters

To post or not to post, to take a stance or not take a stance? We live in a dynamic, ever changing environment that is influenced by many factors, including brands. Our opinions, feelings, and positions shape us; should they shape brands? As a Public Relations professional and outspoken individual, this question is very important to... Continue Reading →

Dear Cis Queer People by Jason Baskette

Since coming out as an agender identified trans person I have noticed some very disturbing patterns within what many people refer to as the “LGBT Community”. I have been verbally assaulted by fellow queer folk telling me not to get upset when people use the wrong pronouns with me or telling and/or expecting me to... Continue Reading →

‘Coming out’

Administratively, I am very excited to introduce a new concept for my blog this year. Once a month I will be featuring a post from a guest blogger. Their bios can be read on the 'About Guest Bloggers' page. Like I always say, I am a continuous learner and the people I have asked to... Continue Reading →

‘That’s so Gay!’

Mean what you say, say what you mean, but don't say it mean. I don't know who said that quote but I do know it was on one of those rip a day calendars I had when I was younger. I have always loved that, I just wish more people could learn to live by... Continue Reading →

Gender Blender

Are you a Boy or Girl? Why does it matter? Guess what! It doesn’t matter! It only matters when we separate into categories based on sex or compare based on sex. I do not believe in the gender binary. I believe there is more than one gender. There is a spectrum. This spectrum to which... Continue Reading →

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