Rainbow Stuffed Trendsetters

To post or not to post, to take a stance or not take a stance? We live in a dynamic, ever changing environment that is influenced by many factors, including brands. Our opinions, feelings, and positions shape us; should they shape brands? As a Public Relations professional and outspoken individual, this question is very important to... Continue Reading →

Introducing! A passion project, a blog turned website, a simple grad school assignment turned side project; it’s whatever you want to call it as long as you want to read it. I hope you want to read it because I want to hear from you or anyone you may know. The objective of Continue Reading →

“I’m not afraid of heights, you know.” I remember exactly when you said it. I remember exactly how you made me feel. I remember it painfully, even when I wish I didn’t. I was taking out the garbage on a weeknight, in my pajamas. Those simple, seven words made me immediately regret the trip of... Continue Reading →

*For the sake of protecting identities, and the fact I still live in fear of her presence, her name in my story will be Jesse. A few years back, Jesse and I met online on OKCupid. I had used OKCupid ever since 2010, both as a haven for friends and for dating. We had very... Continue Reading →

White Privilege

I have been craving the words to explain my feelings for recent events; Philando Castile shot in Minnesota, Police Officers shot in Dallas, etc. And yet they still haven't come and they won't come because they aren't my words to share. BUT I will continue to be vocal that All Lives Matter stops the conversation.... Continue Reading →

OCD By: Lily Altreuter

On the train headed to work, half-zoned out and looking at my phone, I overhear, "... I'm a little OCD, but I hate having dirty dishes in the sink."   Self-diagnosis is a controversial subject, but I feel fairly confident that I have OCD. Not because I'm a perfectionist (which I am) or because I'm... Continue Reading →

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